Long Island House Cleaning Service

A clean home is a happy home, but with the constant hassle of daily life, it can be difficult to indulge in proper cleaning. After all, house cleaning is not an easy task. It requires, time, effort and plenty of dedication. Apart from the regular sweeping and tidying, a house necessitates thorough cleaning of the difficult nooks and crannies that are otherwise avoided.

All those hard to reach places need to be properly cleared at regular intervals to prevent an accumulation of filth. A halfheartedly done cleaning job can lead to missing key places. After all, dirt doesn’t only accumulate in regions you see, but also gathers in the more secret regions of your house. This could include oft ignored places such as between the sofa cushions, on the underside of the chairs and even on top of a cupboard.

Leaving dust undisturbed will eventually promote a less than healthy living environment. By overlooking the more difficult areas, you could be left with a bad case of mold or even dust bunnies and cobwebs, in the long run. In fact, as more and more dirt accumulates with time, it also becomes increasingly difficult to clean.

Dirty houses then result in decreased immunity and a higher vulnerability to various germs and viruses for the residents. Young and old are both equally prone to the dangers of an ill-kept house, and so it is necessary to wake up and make a change immediately.

In order to avoid such negative consequences, it is best to leave the serious cleaning to those who have the time, energy and dedication to do it right. Just like you devote your time to your work, house cleaning is best done under the careful eye of Amy’s Maid Cleaning Service. Professional house cleaning is the main object of our maid service, and they promise to leave behind a trail of sparkling cleanliness in their wake.

Having been trained professionally, the maid service will not only ensure a sterile living environment dedicated to eradicating germs and viruses that may be festering otherwise, but will also leave your home refreshed.

We understand the complexities of the needs and wants of our customers. Therefore we provide multiple customizable services to help ensure that you have a healthy and enjoyable living environment. These include:

1. A Routinely Conducted Clean Up Service:

This will allow you to kick back and relax in a clean house, always. The routinely conducted service will ensure that there is no build up of dust or other problems. When opting for this service, you can customize the frequency and timings to suit your daily schedule. Whether you would like a fortnightly cleanup or a weekly service is entirely your choice.

2. A One Time Thing:

Perhaps you have just had a party at your place or its the end of your tenancy. Regardless of the occasion, no mess is too much for us to handle. If you feel like you need an extra hand, we are there to help you out. You can carry on with your daily schedule with the promise of returning to a clean home.

3. Office Cleaning:

Our house cleaning services are not limited to homes. Even commercial buildings need cleaning. Not only is it unhygienic to work in an unclean environment, but this is also less productive. With our services, you can get the best out of your employees by giving them the best environment to work in.

Within each of these services, we pay close attention to the different rooms involved. While furniture, including the tops of fans, cupboards and cabinets, will be cleaned wherever possible, below is a list of the various services which have been customized per room.

The shower areas and toilets will be sanitized and close attention will be paid to the mirror, floor as well as shower tops. Shower tops are often neglected, but it won’t be so under the watchful eye of our cleaners.

Living Room:
Here, the couch cushions will be dusted and the region under the couch vacuumed.The floor will be mopped and left sparklingly clear while all the furniture will be dusted as well. Ornamental pieces will be handled with care and, if need be, cleaned using a damp cloth.

The kitchen will see the cleaning and sanitation of the counter tops along with mopping the floor. The cupboard doors, chairs and tables will be wiped with a damp cloth to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Office Rooms:
Depending on the layout and furniture present in the office, this too will receive the maximum benefit of our cleaning plan. With the floors mopped and the chairs and tables dusted, the glass windows and doors will also be wiped to provide complete clarity wherever possible.

Being a professional cleaning service, our employees have been trained to give you the optimum results. Apart from simply performing an overall clean, they will also carefully assess your needs to give you better advice on the maintenance of your home or office. The different materials used may require different care. While too much water can destroy wooden floors, concrete floors only require a good mopping every once in a while. Our service ensures that every inch of space is cleaned thoroughly and correctly.

House cleaning, as mentioned earlier, requires the dedication of time. In order to avoid disrupting your life, we also have the option of a safety box for your keys. This ensures that your keys are not misplaced while you progress with your daily life. This service has been presented to keep your mind at peace as your house is cleaned, ready for your arrival.

We also aim to provide the most competitive prices for our services. Keeping in mind the personal care and attention which will be lavished upon your home, we have also added astounding prices to the mix. After all, customer care is our priority, and we wish to give you the best service at the best rate possible.

So if you are looking for a thorough clean up, save yourself the trouble and give us a ring!

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