Cleaning Service

Technology has made life easy. And especially when it is about air conditioner, heat pumps, thermostats, furnaces, they have made daily life smoother and hassle free. When you buy a product, let’s say air conditioner, you are sure that during hot summer, the air conditioner will help to optimize the temperature in your room. But what if it breaks down during the summer and you have no idea what to do.

Temperature will be extreme and it would be dangerous to your near and dear ones especially children and aged people. Until it’s being handled by experienced people who have the expertise to repair and clean your air-conditioner, you need to go through a horrible, sticky humid condition.

Only experienced cleaning service technicians can understand the right issue and can fix the problem. There can be multiple problems like the compressor has not been working properly or the sensor is gone or else the filter is dirty. If the cleaning service and repair have not been done by an expert technician or serviceman, the handling would be improper and you may face multiple problems even after the cleaning service and repair are being done.

It can so happen that an inexperienced technician would handle your air-conditioner and put a wrong refrigerant into the system or would not be able to fix the leak in your air-conditioner. Thus, instead of letting an inexperienced cleaning service technician create more hassle for you so that you need to go buy a new air-conditioner, it would be prudent if you choose the best cleaning service and repair services and let them handle everything for you, without any worry or anxiety.

Before going into details of what services we offer, let’s see how our expert cleaning service technician will do the thing for you.

  • Inspect: First step he will take is to inspect the area in your air-conditioning system which is not working properly. If the right area can be found out in the beginning, the rest of the work would become easy.
  • Diagnose: Once the area is identified, he will diagnose what problems are there in the area. It may so happen that there is dirt in the filter or else the refrigerant you put has become low.
  • Explain: As we believe in the best customer service and complete customer satisfaction, our cleaning service technician will not just find the errors but will explain you what’s wrong in the system. It will give you an idea about what is happening in your system.
  • Clean/Repair: Then he will go on and clean or repair the parts that are needed to be cleaned or repaired. Otherwise he will replace the parts to make your system function smoothly.

Now, let’s look at what are the services we provide which will ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • Types of services: We offer services for your air-conditioner, air-handler, heat pump, furnace, thermostat, boiler and our special service is frequent maintenance program which will help you take care of your system so that it can function properly all the time, every time.
  • Customization: As we are most customer-centric cleaning service organization you would ever know, our first priority is complete customer satisfaction. Thus, we understand your varied needs; we go to your place, understand your needs and help you choose the right options for you in alignment with your life-style. If our expert technicians feel that instead of repairing and cleaning, you need a new air-conditioner, they help you deciding upon the options you have and how you can best utilize your resources on that best option.
  • Nitty-gritty: We just don’t repair or clean. Our competitive advantage is our complete attention to detail. What sort of split system you need, what kind of evaporative coolers, how you can use central air for cooling your entire home and how you can put your system to optimize the best cooling, we give full attention to these things. If you go for our cleaning service once, the whole responsibility is us for cleaning, repairing as well as suggesting you about how you can make the whole experience better.
  • Regular maintenance: There is nothing worth doing as putting your air-conditioner through a regular maintenance service. Our cleaning service do a thorough inspection, diagnosis, cleaning, repairing and if required replacing the small parts of your system. If you do this, the chances of your machine breaking down are rare and negligible. You may need to expend few bucks in the maintenance services frequently, but at the end it would save you from buying a completely new air-conditioner.
  • Due-diligence: We do the research and due-diligence for you so that you don’t need to get bothered about what’s happening to your system. We have expert technicians who are thoroughly trained and qualified enough to understand exactly what you require. Basically, the most of the issues arise in your system are because of lack of proper installation of the system. But without that kind of knowledge and expertise, no cleaning service can succeed which we provide you without charging you any extra cost.

From the above, it can be assumed that we are the best cleaning services you would ever find for your air-conditioners and other useful devices. And it is not a self-proclaimed declaration. It is a reality. After serving so many years to our meaningful customers it has become our forte to serve diligently, always under-promising and over-delivering and always thinking ahead of time for any requirement for our customers.

All you need to do is to check us out. Call our team of cleaning service to have a glimpse of our efficiency and services. From repairing, cleaning to replacing and advising you for the right choice we are at your service 24/7. Time is more valuable than money. Thus, it is our promise that you would be served within the time frame you want, otherwise we don’t charge you anything.

We also offer emergency service so that you don’t need to worry about your air-conditioner or any allied parts. Just call us and we will ensure full satisfaction for all your contingencies.

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