Janitorial Service

There are a number of cleaning services that are carried out in a house. Among them is the janitorial service, which is all about cleaning up and maintaining the house. This type of cleaning varies slightly from many other types of cleaning.

The Janitorial Services
These services are carried out by a janitor, who is responsible in cleaning and maintaining the house, in relation to sanitation. What makes the janitorial services different from other common cleaning services at home is that they can do other duties other than simply cleaning the house. At some point, they might also fix some faults like door knobs or changing of bulbs in the house.

What Are Does The Janitorial Company Do?
Since the janitorial services are more than just cleaning the house, the janitorial company will be responsible for many other duties in the house. Here are some of the major responsibilities of a janitorial company;
• Sweeping and mopping the floor. This is among the top duties that a janitor will do. They are equipped with special supplies that help in the cleaning process.
• Cleaning the windows, mirrors and glass partitions. They will also clean any glass material with specific materials and solution.
• Dust furniture and other surfaces. When there is no need to use water, the janitors will dust the furniture and any other dusty surface in the house.
• Supervise the security and safety of the house. They may also check to ensure that all the door locks are fixed and that the electrical appliances work properly.
• Take care of minor plumbing issues. They can also fix a minor leak in the plumbing system, but severe conditions will need you to call a plumber.
• Spray the house and surrounding with fumigants and insecticides in order to prevent rodents and insect infestation.
• Wax and apply sealant to the floor for the sake of coating it and making it glossy.
• They can also mow lawns, plant flowers or trim the shrubbery around the house.
• They will also clean and service the toilet with special equipment and disinfectant.
• In case you are in a snowy environment, they will shovel the snow from the sidewalks, then they’ll pour salt on the surface to reduce the snow.
• The janitorial company will also take detect and report any repair in the house.
In general, the janitorial service includes the overall cleaning and maintenance of the house. In case there is a delicate problem, the janitors will suggest that you call a responsible professional.

What Are The Common Equipments Used For Janitorial Services?
The janitorial services entail more cleaning than maintenance of the house and its surrounding. For that reason, they will have more equipments that are used for cleaning. Here are some of the major tools and equipments that a janitorial company will have;
• Carpet Cleaners
Among the common items that are cleaned in the house is the carpet. The company will come up with carpet cleaners, along with their accessories and supplies. Before the janitorial service company reaches your house for the cleaning process, they might ask about your electricity rating. This is in terms of the power, in voltage. They can also check themselves, since there are some vacuum cleaners that require less voltage, while others will require higher voltage.

• Enhanced Disinfecting Technologies
Germs are commonly found in the dirt and for that reason, it needs a strong disinfectant when cleaning the house. The janitorial service company will come equipped with improved technologies for disinfecting the house. The company will have machines and other equipments that will help in easily in the disinfection process.

• Grout and Tile Cleaners
The tile and grout are normally delicate when cleaning, which means that, they will need specialized equipments to help in the cleaning process. The surfaces of the grout and tiles is generally extra smooth and only an appropriate cleaner will be able to clean it perfectly. The company will have cleaning solution and supplies to help in cleaning the tile and grout. The tile and grout cleaner will act like vacuum cleaners, having a slight pressured level to help get rid of the toughest stains on the surface.

• Hard Floor Cleaners
There are various surfaces in the house, ranging from the slippery tile surfaces, to the hard terraces outside. For that, a janitorial company will be equipped with hard floor cleaners such as brooms and squeegees. Generally, they will have different cleaners that vary in terms of their toughness.

Other supplies that the janitorial company will have are stuff like cleaning solutions, which must vary with the concentration or acidic level. The company will have any solutions, tools and equipments that are responsible for cleaning the house.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Janitorial Services?
Every janitorial company will have their own price quote and sequence. However, most of them will charge their services per square foot. That means, they will take the overall size of the house and multiply it with a default price per square foot. On average, a company will charge their services at .05 or .10 dollars per square foot. The floor waxing services are more expensive and it can be twice as much as a normal cleaning service. In some cases, the company will charge their services per hour, since they will be carrying out the general cleaning and maintenance of the house.

What Other Things Should The Company Have?
Other than the supplies and equipments, the company must also be competent enough to carry out the services. Some of the vital factors that should be observed by clients include the following;
• The experience and skills. The company should have been in the cleaning industry for long enough and if it is new, it must have relevant skills and potential to carry out the services.
• Must be licensed. A licensed company is most definitely fit to carry out the job and they will have been screened by relevant authorities to prove their proficiency.
• Good customer care. It is also important for a company to treat the customer with respect and value. They must always provide the customers will specific information whenever they need.
A janitorial service company will ensure that the house is kept clean enough and that it has been well maintained.

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